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Introducing Artist
Jerzy Tufman

I was born in 1948 in Lodz, Poland, to a Polish-Catholic mother and a Polish-Jewish father. From a very young age, I most wanted to draw, build, and pound on the piano. In elementary and high school, during drawing and craft classes, I was used to distributing and collecting materials because there was no use in doing anything else - "this kid knew it all." So, my parents decided to enroll me in evening art classes.

After High school, I studied at the College for Teachers majoring in arts and crafts. My graduation painting won first prize. While attending college classes, I studied architecture at the Tech School. I was married in Poland and immigrated to the United States with my wife Fajga. We made Philadelphia our home.

For six years, I worked for numerous architects. While working for nationally known landscaping architect, George Patton, I designed the fountain that still stands in front of the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. I started working as the chief designer for a packaging company where I designed for such brands as Dior, Estee Lauder, Bill Blass, Godiva Chocolates and others.

My designs won several awards. In 1972, I entered a painting competition hosted by New American and won first prize. From 1976-1977 I showed my painting in a gallery for an entire year  in the heart of Philadelphia 

In 1972 I started taking classes at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in portrait painting, drawing, anatomy , stone carving and more. I was honored in 1976 as best student in the perspective course. 

To this day, I still am with The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. I work in my in-home studio, where my work is still being born.