• Christine Kennedy

The Art of Giving

When I decided to open New Life Art I knew that it would have to be a vehicle to make some kind of difference even a small one. As you may know, NLA donates 10% of sales to the plight of the honey bee. Our bees are in trouble. We want to help. This cause is not only important to me but it turns out, important to the artists who consign their art in the shop as well. Meeting the like-minded people I have met since opening has made this undertaking that much more pleasurable.

Enter David Schumann. David is a mixed media artist who has also created a line of Tie Dye garments. Tie Dye has evolved from the salt water buckets we did in the 60's to a very sophisticated art form. He has decided to bring a line of these beautiful garments to NLA to raise money for Asher House, an animal rescue. Lee Asher, founder, has dedicated his life to animal rescue and adoption education to find forever homes for animals that would otherwise , well you know.

100% of the proceeds of David's Tie Dye apparel goes to Asher House. Please stop in to New Life Art to show your support for these worthy causes. Feel good shopping for sure.

Thank you.

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